Tommy Robinson Free: Now What?

Tommy Robinson is free. What can we learn from this, and where do we go from here?

I should clarify something that I don’t think I explained well. I don’t think Tommy Robinson is far-right, and I don’t think the average person would consider him far-right. The term ‘far-right’ has no clear set ideological principles or definition, so the term is mostly subjective. I think the reason they use the term over “alt-right” is because the latter term is factually incorrect, while the former is somewhat subjective opinion. I think the best thing we can do is make people aware of what Tommy Robinson actually believes. If people realize that Tommy’s beliefs are labeled “far-right”, they might start looking into other people labeled “far-right” by the media that aren’t actually far-right from the average person’s point of view. The media won’t stop labeling him that, no matter how much we complain, so the best thing we can do is show people that if someone is called far-right by the media, they’re probably on your side.

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